In addition to their hilarious comedy hypnosis show, Jeff Jay and Donna perform a full cabaret-style Comedy Magic & Mentalism Show called "Mind Power!". This 75-minute program features the comedy magic of Jeff & Donna where miracles happen right before your eyes. You will witness tricks with cards, coins, candy and more. This isn't your typical birthday party magic, instead it is quick, clever and intelligent magical fun for ages 13 & up.

The second act features some mind-blowing illusions that are sure to leave you wondering, "How in heck did they do THAT?" Jeff demonstrates ESP (mind-reading), some mathematical miracles, a few of his own creations and a finale that is truly against all odds. Everyone will be amazed & amused!

Jeff has been performing magic for over 25 years. He was the corporate magician for one of the largest mortgage companies  in the country and he has entertained over 121,000 people in   35 states.  Donna has a legal background and has assisted Jeff onstage for the past 6 years. Together, they make the perfect magical couple.

Call us to book "Mind Power"! for your corporate event, private party, sales meeting, banquet or special occasion. Also, check back here to see where Jeff Jay & Donna are performing for the public.

Mind Power Show!

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